DID I MAKE YOU LAUGH?// Welcome...

DID I MAKE YOU LAUGH?// Welcome to all that have joined my community! Why a community? Because if you’re here it’s because we enjoy the same things! I hope I’ve made you laugh with my last reel! If you haven’t seen it go check out my superpower! Afew things about me and then a little guessing game which I’ll reveal in my stories! I love to help your organise your jewels and take care of your accessories with my cases! I love making people 😂 because life’s too short and so am I! I love supporting small business and even in this pic I am wearing 3 of my fav Jewellery girls @johnandluna_ earrings, @tanishka.jewellery initial necklace and @vandmecustomdesigns_aus pendant necklace.. So what are my 2 truths and 1 lie? 1. I can lift my 6ft 4 hubby even though I am 5ft 4 2. I love taking photos whether it be humans or moments 3. I once ate a live frog to prove that it won’t croak in my belly Tell me which one you think is a lie 🔽 in the comments and I’ll revel the answer on my stories Thursday night! #thisisme #funnyforlaughs #sociallyem #sociallyemchallenge #jewelleryobsessed #justforlols #supportwomen #supportsmallbusiness #womenwholift #shortwomenproblems

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