How to organise a Jewellery case

Do you ever start to look for the right statement piece for your outfit then give up because you Jewellery Case is so cluttered?

That used to be me.. then I got it together and took these steps to get myself sorted.. along with getting myself a Jewellery Case to #getorganised these steps helped me remove the clutter in my life and my load was lifted! 

SET YOURSELF FREE! And create a killer outfit with one of your statement Jewellery pieces that you can actually find.

Lets do this..

1. Remove all items from the case

2. Put them into piles of keep, donate, melt

3. Sort the keep jewellery into categories (necklaces, rings etc)

4. Place them into the sections of your case!

5. Place next to your bedside ready for the new day

I love my jewelley but minimising what I keep means I wear all my favorite pieces rather then them collecting dust!

show me you masterpiece and use #declutterwithangie to show me your case or send me a DM via Instagram if your private. 

xx Angie


You can find my Jewellery Cases in the collections menu ..



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