MY TOP THINGS TO REVIVE ME// These can be slightly conflicting haha but I am me and I am also a mum, wife, daughter and friend.. 1. Skin care routine: some days you just can’t be bothered and that’s a sign that you need a #revival so between feeling fresh and my #rosequartz roller this helps me become alive 2. Exersize: can be as simple as a walk or getting up at 540am (to be exact) to get to the gym. Like everyone I experience highs and lows so this helps regulate that. 3. The beach: I recently found out about #earthing from my friend @nourishmebyb (she’s so damn interesting - she’s got some cool things coming up) it’s about literally sinking your feet into the earth and it made sense because I’ve always loved the beach Now the conflicting part.. lol 4. Time with my family: I’ve learnt to #surrender .. my house has never been 💯 but I used to get the kids occupied and get my housework done.. now with 2 I just surrender and go play #basketball with my son or help my daughter #colouring that’s therapy in itself! 5. Spending time away from the kids.. I know conflicting but this is the part where “I am also me” time with just my husband or a trip with my mum to Melbourne or dinner with the girls... this is the hardest part as a mum but I’ve learn to #justdoit and that little break #bringsmebacktolife What’s are your revival tips? Did this help you? Tell me below.. This is grange beach yesterday and it was bliss! Didn’t take bathers for the kids, last minute trek and they slept like logs! .. so did I! Happy Saturday! Xx Angie (revived) #lifehack #tipstosanity #samumsinbusiness #sociallyem #iamme #iamamum #iamawife #iamafriend #iamadaughter #getgrounded #mylifeline

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