Some days are hard..

Life is one big juggle.. work, home, kids, health, side hustle, relationships..

Somedays are really hard. You get up and you try be positive.. today I was hit with a big mental brick.. a big  lightbulb moment to just slow down.. it came in many ways.. 

1. A motivational card by Mood Traders that said

“Calm is a Super Power”

2. Another sign from my body that it’s under stress and needs a break. I’ve had 4 things come up in my health that aren’t serious but they are telling me to “slow down”

I’ve got to make some changes but I don’t know where to start. Commitments I need to follow through and then I need to make some decisions - for me! 

My advice to you? Something simple..

✨ Really listen to the signs that appear in your life

✨ Pray, breathe or do whatever you do on it.. ask for signs 

✨Take the day to literally do nothing - mental heath day just for you

✨Set yourself some goals, somewhere you can see them.. but make them achievable

I do not find it easy.. taking care of myself.. taking my own advice.. I’m a Taurus after all! Stubborn.. but that’s me! 

Be kind to yourself

xx Angie


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